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Baby Lennon

And just like that, their whole world changed

Lifestyle Newborn Photography Lethbridge Alberta

I always love photographing new babies, and therefore, new parents. There is a certain rhythm in new parenthood that can only be described as delicate. If you sit with a new mom and dad long enough, you'll feel it too.

When I first arrived at their lovely home, Derek and Stephanie greeted me with a sleepy smile, and I could tell instantly they are warm, kind and loving people. The way that both of them gazed at their beautiful daughter, the way their hands moved in sync to make sure every part of her was safe and warm, it was like watching an intricate dance where only they were privy to the steps, that was designed just for them.

As they showed me around Lennon's beautiful nursery, I was met with the feeling that this baby will be so loved. I could tell that every detail in the nursery had been lovingly curated by Stephanie and Derek, hand picked to reflect how much love, and joy, and happiness that this sweet little girl has already brought to their lives.

Counting fingers and toes

I asked if it would be alright if we could move to their room, because I remember how much of the newborn phase with my own kids was spent in my own bed. Snuggling, cuddling, counting fingers and toes, feeding, and just sitting in wonder of the little life you've created looking back up at you. They said sure, and got comfortable on their bed. Photographing people where they are comfortable is so important to me. Telling your authentic story only happens when we do things that are genuine and true to who you are as a family. Familiar places are a good starting point!

Their fur baby and their first baby

Much to their surprise, their puppy dog Berkeley followed us around. Stephanie said that he had been really hesitant and a bit shy around Lennon, and this was the closest he ventured in. I asked if it would be alright if we could invite him up on to the bed, and he happily obliged. I love thinking about each session with intention and purpose in mind, and I captured this photo thinking, "here's their fur baby and their first baby" all in one snapshot.

As I photographed Lennon and Stephanie and Derek, I truly got the sense of "completeness" with this family. Their wonder and awe of their daughter was palpable, and the love that they both shared for her was moving. I felt truly honoured to be capturing this moment in their family's life.

Stephanie and Derek, if you're reading this, thank you so much for inviting me into your home and your world to spend these precious moments with you and your family.

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