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A Glimpse Into Childhood

Like weeds in the wildflowers

I met Katrina years ago, when we both joined Baby Steps after having our first baby's. We've been in a mom group for the last 3.5 years together and have watched each others kids grow up like weeds in the wildflowers. All of our kids are around the same age, so we get where each other is at in this whole motherhood thing.

This at home lifestyle session was so special to me because I've watched Katrina and Sheldon's daughters Aubree and Emilee grow up from a distance, so getting to hang out with them for a morning in person was a true joy! Obviously the pandemic has been hard on everyone, and the friendships in our mom group were no different. We went from seeing each other and our kids on a bi-weekly basis, to seeing each other once or twice in the past year. So suffice it to say, when Katrina opened the door and there was Aubree behind her, I couldn't believe how tall she had gotten!

You just blink and the years go by

When I had last seen Emilee she was just a few months old, so seeing her crawling around, and almost walking, was like watching a movie on fast forward. I couldn't believe how much Emilee looked like Aubree when she was that age. Often times in parenting there are moments where you feel like you just blink and a years gone by, and stepping into their house was exactly one of those moments.

Their session began in their play room, and I was happy to see it hadn't changed much since I had been there over a year ago. It still had the same bright, joyful feeling that embodies all the bests parts of childhood, and I could tell the kids felt the same way too.

The beginnings of a lifelong friendship

Immediately Aubree wanted to show me her blocks, and then meticulously began stacking them one on to another. I peered over at Emilee from behind my camera and she was intently watching Aubree too. I don't have any siblings, so watching the sibling bond form with my own kids has been a true delight for me. I always love to capture that same bond when I'm photographing a family, because I feel like I am photographing the beginnings of a life long friendship. It reminds me that this truly is one of the best jobs in the world.

After we played downstairs, I asked Katrina if we would be alright to go up to their bedroom, as she had said earlier they play a lot in there, and the girls love the space. As we walked up the stairs, Aubree was so excited to show me around her house. I have never felt more welcome anywhere than I did when Aubree was showing me her room. I had forgotten how much joy there is in seeing a child invite you into their space and want to share all of their favourite things with you. I realized then how much I missed doing indoor lifestyle photography, and how happy I am that things feel safe enough to go back to offering them again!

These are the good old days

While Katrina, Sheldon and Emilee hung out on the bed, Aubree wanted to play her favourite game: hide and seek. The best part about photographing in your home, your place of comfort, is that all of the things that seem so ordinary to you are photographed. I feel so conscious of the fact that what is our "ordinary" today won't always be the case. One day our kids won't want to play hide and seek anymore, and this thing that seemed so ordinary will one day become known as "the good old days." Even writing that sentence gets me a bit misty eyed.

So I dutifully hid in the closet, camera ready, until Aubree was finished counting and I could hear her running to come find me (in the spot she advised I hide in, by the way). When she opened the door, I snapped a few photographs, because her face was pure delight. It's a face I want to help Sheldon and Katrina remember for years to come, when their little girl isn't so little anymore.

A life well lived and well loved

As I left their house that day, I had a true sense of witnessing childhood in all it's wonder and joy. Having my camera engages me to stop and look at everything for what it really is, to consider all angles and sides of things, before I press the shutter button. It reminds me that what I do is important, I am documenting a family's life well lived and well loved.

Katrina and Sheldon, if you're reading this, thank you so much for inviting me into your home to share these precious moments with your family. It was truly my joy and honour to tell this part of your story.

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