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About The Photographer

I've always wanted to be featured in something that was so glamorous it even had an "About The Photographer" section. I've decided to manifest that in the form of this blog with the same title!

The first time I ever opened a National Geographic magazine, at 8 years old, I knew I wanted to be a photographer. I can still remember seeing the incredible landscapes, the curious clothing, the stunning sunsets, and thinking that no matter where the story took place, the unshakeable connection in everything was the expression on the persons face.

I may not speak their language, I may never travel to their land or ever meet them, but even half a world away, I could recognize their story: love. I could see the warm embrace of a mother to her small baby, the way a toddler clung to his mama's legs with shy curiosity, the way a husband held his wife's hand, the way a family seemed to be one living, breathing, chaotic organism. All moving at different speeds, yet somehow staying in sync together. And I fell in love with telling that story in the worlds universal language.

My adventures have taken me from my home in Vancouver, to the prairies of Southern Alberta. Together my husband and I are raising two strong boys who's curiosity about the world inspires me every day.


It is in the joys, and the struggles, of motherhood that I have found my true calling with photography and videography. I understand what love of your spouse, your children, and your family, looks like and I know it's my purpose here on earth to share how I see your love, with you.

I truly believe what I capture is the essence of your soul. My photographs are pieces of art that will hang in your home, and in your heart, forever.

I would be honoured to tell your story.


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