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The Every Body Campaign Model Call

In an instant, everything changed

I held the positive pregnancy test in my hands, looked at my husband and said, “We are doing a boudoir shoot right NOW. I'll never have this body again and I want to remember it.” What a strange idea. That the body I have lived in for 27 years, at that point, was not going to be my own anymore.

Since then, I've had two babies. My stomach has grown and shrunk, my body has fed little mouths, I've lost sleep, gained stretch marks, wrinkles, and the like.

Is this my "good" body?

And for the longest time I believed that my body before I had kids was my “good” body, and this body that I would have after children would be what was left.

But I started peering in the mirror and I realized that actually…I love this body, with all it's stretch marks and soft skin and wrinkles, more than the old one. This body has purpose. This body has strength. This body could perform literal miracles. Thisbody was the one I had been striving for all along, while I dieted for my wedding, and pinched non-existent love handles in the mirror.

It was actually this body I was looking for. I couldn't see the body in the mirror was perfect for me.

It was actually this body I was looking for, but the lies I believed about what a beautiful body was meant I couldn't see that clearly. I couldn't see the body in the mirror was the perfect body for me.

Everyone has a story about themselves inside their own head...but all too often the stories that we play in our head aren’t positive. Even though the wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and curves that remain are signs of pure strength, selflessness, bravery and honour.

We need to change that story, we need to recognize that every body and every story is beautiful. Even our own.

This is why I have partnered with Organic Tan to present The Every Body Campaign. If you have a story about your own body and the way you see it then vs the way you see it now, and you'd like to celebrate that journey and that story.

The wonderful ladies from Organic Tan and I are looking for women, of all sizes, colours, ages, and stages of life who have a story to tell and are willing to share this story through our campaign.

If this sounds like you or someone you know we would like to invite you to send us a full body picture of you with a brief glimpse into your story, and your measurements!

To celebrate our stories, this opportunity will consist of a complimentary style session, a tan from Organic Tan Lethbridge, hair and makeup, AND photos by Katie Kay Photography to feature the amazing story that is your body. You must be comfortable sharing some or all of your story on social media along with the photos.

Our models will... •be available for the following dates and times: Wednesday February 2nd or Thursday, February 3rd, Friday February 4th in the evening for a selflove workshop and snacks! And Saturday, February 5th 9:00-4:00, for hair, makeup and photoshoot. •like to have fun while empowering others (perhaps over a glass of bubbly? ) •be willing to share their story with our help and direction Let’s restart the count...on a positive note this time! Please send your story to We can’t wait! *applications will be accepted until January 17, 2021 at 8am* Stay tuned to hear more about our partners!

If you’d like to be sponsor, send Organic Tan a DM on Instagram!

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