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Like the Roots of a Tree | Family Photographer, Lethbridge, Alberta

This is what madly in love looks like

Josee & Jared are the true essence of what madly in love looks like. They are pregnant with their first baby, who just so happens to be a boy, and I am so excited for them!

I met Josee in probably one of the most random ways I've met anybody - through Facebook Marketplace. I am always checking out marketplace for unique pieces to add to the client closet, and I came across this stunning white Free People dress. When I messaged Josee, the seller, she told me, sadly, that it wasn't for sale as she had decided to keep it to wear during her pregnancy.

The universe was bringing us together

I said if she ever decided to sell it, to please let me know, as it would be so beautiful in my collection. We got to chatting and she asked if I was a photographer. We found out we have some friends in common, and that's when we decided it felt like the universe was bringing us together. She decided to book a maternity session with me, and to wear the dress for it.

The most breathtaking view in Southern Alberta

When Jared & Josee met me at the gas station in Magrath, to follow me out to this somewhat remote location, I could see how excited they both were. The sun was just beginning to drop down low onto the horizon, as we drove up a dusty dirt road to get to the top of this hill.

When our vehicles finally crested over the top of the hill, we were met with one of the most breathtaking views in all of Southern Alberta. Rolling hills, leading to an incredible canyon, with a slow stream meandering through the canyon floor.

I've driven by a few times in the last 10 years, and have always dreamt of photographing people here, and now, finally, it was happening. I could just feel that this session was going to have it's own kind of magic.

It's own kind of magic

The air was brisk, and the wind whipping, but it didn't dampen my spirit. I knew that the wind was going to give life to this dress, and as we made our way over to the canyon side, the dress began to dance and flow with the breeze.

During our session, as we chatted, I truly got a sense of how much Josee and Jared care for one another. Jared was always making sure Josee was comfortable, if she needed anything, and was just the image of an attentive husband. Josee was up for anything, and they even at one point offered to hike down to the bottom of this canyon, until we discovered some too-friendly ticks trying to tag along for the ride. We decided to stay up at the top, in the shorter grass, in hopes we wouldn't find any more unwelcome company.

The depth of their connection

The way Jared looked at Josee was with such love and adoration, I was struck by how beautiful their connection to each other was. Jared commented a few times just how beautiful he thought Josee was being pregnant, and I could tell he really meant it. To say they were sweet for each other, wouldn't even begin to scratch the surface of the depth of their connection.

We couldn't help but smile

As our session drew to a close, with one of the most spectacular sunsets I've had the joy of photographing this year, I couldn't help but smile. Every dream I had had about this location, and the people I might photograph there, had come true. It was an incredible evening, one I won't soon forget!

So Josee and Jared, if you're reading this, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your growing family. Keep on loving each other just as you do, and your bond as not only husband and wife, but as parents, will grow strong and deep, like the roots of a tree. It was such an honour to be there as you begin this next chapter in your lives together.



P.S. If you're considering your own session, Josee decided to share the joy this dress brings, so this dress does now live in my client closet and is available to borrow at no charge to any of my clients!


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