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Motherhood: Poetry in Motion | Family Photographer Lethbridge Alberta

When Laura pulled up to her session, it was only with her two kids Emilia and Avery. She apologized that her husband wasn't able to make it, but honestly I thought it was such a lovely opportunity to capture motherhood, in all it's truth. As we began her session, I watched in wonder. Emilia and Avery looked at their mom like she was their whole, entire universe.

The sun rises and sets with you

When you are a mom, you get so bogged down by the day to day needs of everyone else, that I think sometimes you forget the absolutely magical role you play in your childrens lives. You forget that to your children, the sun rises and sets with you. That although it can be endlessly difficult, it can be equally endlessly beautiful too. After our session, I felt inspired to write a poem about Motherhood. I began thinking about my own experiences as a mom, as well as watching a mom from the outside too. You can read the poem below.

Your kids love you no matter what

They say motherhood is a club, and I think all moms can feel that it's true. We're all aiming for the same goals, just getting there in different ways. So Laura, if you're reading this, thank you for sharing this part of your journey with me. It can be messy, beautiful, wild and crazy, all within the same minute. I hope that these photos helped capture the essence of motherhood for you. You are an excellent mom, and I saw first hand just how lucky your kids are to have you. I hope you look on these photos on days that are tough, and remind yourself that it's okay to not have it all figured out, your kids love you no matter what.




Catch your breath in one moment

Just to lose it in the next



Hands always all over your body

Never a moment alone



Squishing their faces against yours

Searing this moment to your heart forever



Reminding yourself "They're only this young once"

While simultaneously wondering if they'll ever grow up



Searching your own soul to heal your own wounds

Giving them a life you never had



Constant playing from sun up to sun down

The dishes will have to wait



Wondering how you'll find the energy

But somehow you always do


Yet boring

Living each moment fully present

For activities you aren't always fulfilled by



Some days watching the clock, waiting for bedtime

Other days reading them just one more book to soak it all in



Listening to one more "buuuut mom, whyyyyy" could send you over the edge

Knowing you need to hold it together, even when it's hard



Watching them grow into the little people they're meant to be

Sharing and caring for their friends and siblings



Thinking about the future, planning, praying

Wanting only the absolute best for them



Are they developing normally? Did they hit their milestones?

Are they very bright? Could they be exceptional?



Loving that your kisses make their boo-boo's better

Knowing that one day, you'll kiss their last boo-boo



You'd done a better job, you'd been a better mom

Trying all over again, tomorrow.

Thanks for reading my blog today. I am working on sharing more pieces from my heart, and the experience of writing this all down has actually been cathartic for me. If you enjoyed what you read please follow along, I'd love to have you here!



P.S. If you've booked a session, this dress & shawl are available for you to borrow at no charge in my client closet!

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